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The Sandy Point House

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In around 1994 we started looking for a property near Shelburne Nova Scotia. 

One had clearly seen better days,  and I can remember remarking how "Mother Nature wants this place back, bad..." and, after some financial analysis, "anyone who buys this place would be an idiot."  We left, it sold, the deal collapsed, and we bought it, beginning yet another saga of restoration.  It is now completely renovated, furnished and decorated  - a wonderful historic waterfront summer home where our kids can spend their summer holidays across the harbour from Grampy and Grandma.  We sometimes rent it out during the summer months when we aren't using it, though it hardly qualifies as a significant business enterprise.  Eventually I'll document that restoration here as well.  Email  me a line if you  are looking for a nice place to spend some time. 



 Pics of the 2005 trip Here.