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I  (Dave) seem unable to resist restoration projects.  I'm not sure why, but a pattern seems to be forming WRT the things I choose to do when I am able to choose to do things. 

As the age of 40 approached me, and restoration of the Sandy Point house wound down,  my brain began to think of that weird car I found so intriguing as a kid - the Lotus Europa.   I searched the web.  My interest grew.  I researched every aspect of the vehicle and its history.  (... danger signs...)  I even collected some Europa pictures to make a collage, which I set as wallpaper on our computer.  This piqued Doris's curiosity.  I described the Lotus, its odd appearance, its reputation for fragility and unreliability, and its tendency to  spontaneously combust.  


Realizing that a different approach might be required, I noted that  acquiring a sports car is one of the least disruptive manifestations of mid-life angst.  

She responded:  "Why don't you just buy a Porsche?"

Well, ok then, if I must.

The Porsche I chose was the 914.  It is one of the less expensive models, but is one of their best handling cars and is a real blast to drive.   

Don't let anyone tell you that the sports car/virility (or lack thereof) thing is a myth.  Shortly after the 914 purchase, with no drugs or above average effort, we conceived David and James.  Life is Good!  To celebrate, I bought the Lotus Europa anyway.  With no drugs or above average effort, Doris agreed.  At least I think she did...



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